12 situations literally every Aussie has been in at least once

1. Dressing for a beautiful, sunny, 27 degree day, and then having the apocalypse hit by mid-afternoon.

2. Yelling out, “Nice f*cking indicator, d*ckhead!” every time you’re driving.

3. Lying to every tourist about raising a baby kangaroo and riding it to school.

4. Hearing the same joke about never being able to afford a home every time you indulge in some smashed avo.

5. Finding out your favourite band/musician is touring, only to realise Australia hasn’t made it on their list.

6. Never being able to find one of these bad boys in summer.

7. Getting into a passionate debate about whether it’s called a potato scallop or a potato cake.

8. Arguing about whether AFL or NRL is the more superior sport.

9. Using a whole can of Mortein to get rid of a dangerous intruder.

10. Dodging spoilers for your favourite TV show until you can finally go home and watch it.

11. Showing off your thong tan.

12. Literally not being able to touch your steering wheel if you parked your car outside on a hot day.

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